Spage Sport

SP012 Single Element Rear Wing

Wing Width:

Our SP012 is our signature full carbon wing, used on a wide variety of vehicles with consistently impressive results. This single element wing is ultimate upgrade for improved aerodynamics. Although lightweight, our rear wing is incredibly strong and built for fast speeds and stability on the track. The sleek design is not only functional for increased downforce, but also adds an aggressive look to the car. Our wing construction is resistant to corrosion and fading, ensuring that it will look great and perform at its best for years to come.

The SP012 is a 12.75" chord CFD optimized airfoil, using only carbon fiber in the wing skins and mounting ribs. The only non-carbon part are the nut inserts used for mounting the endplates. It brings an impressive 1,000lbs at 160mph and features a 8.5 lift/drag ratio. This rear wing contributes a significant amount of rear downforce even at its lowest angle of attack (AOA) of 0° within its 18° range. It is highly suggested to pair the SP012 with a sufficient front track splitter to avoid excessive understeer. This classic wing is best complemented with a pair 3D rear wing endplates to maximize the rear wing's functionality.

Weight: 7.0lbs-9.3lbs

Material: 4x4 twill carbon

Manufacturing method: Resin Infusion

UV-Resistant Clear Coated: Yes

Mounting/Hardware Included: Yes

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