Spage Sport

Toyota Supra (A90) Fender Vents


Featuring our uniquely designed carbon fiber vents that are an ultimate upgrade where functionality meets style. The pair are installed into the hood with the intent of reducing wheel well pressures and having superior resistance to heat. The fender vent shape adds an aggressive look to your car, giving it a truly motorsport-inspired appearance while effectively cooling temperatures to improve aerodynamic airflow and boost performance. 

Our fender vents can be seen on many track cars, including the Jackie Ding "PhD Racing" Red Supra and the AI Performance "Fusion Force" Purple Supra. 

Note: The plastic liner between the wheel and hood must be cut during installation to allow functionality of the vents. 

Weight: 0.2lbs (each vent)

Material: 2x2 twill carbon

Manufacturing method: Resin Infusion

UV-Resistant Clear Coated: Yes

Mounting/Hardware Included: No

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