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Toyota Supra (A90) Front Splitter


This front splitter was custom-designed around the Jackie Ding "PhD Racing" Red A90 Supra splitter in Street Class of Global Time Attack and Gridlife competitions. The splitter produces incredible downforce and front grip all around the track, displaying its sturdiness through high speeds. Despite its flatter appearance, the Supra splitter is crafted with multiple layers of carbon fiber to ensure maximum durability and longevity. 

Experience a new sense of driving with this traditional piece found on all time-attack savvy cars. Our Supra splitter is simple in design but can significantly improve aerodynamic results. With the use of CFD (computational fluid dynamics), a pair of 3D-designed front diffusers are permanently bonded in any location to work more optimally for the specific vehicle.

Note: Splitter endplates not included. Front lip sold separately.

Weight: 10lbs

Material: 2x2 twill carbon

Manufacturing method: Resin Infusion

UV-Resistant Clear Coated: Yes

Mounting/Hardware Included: No

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