Here at Spage Sport, we offer a range of desirable services with the main focus scoped on both creating exquisite composite components, and developing highly efficient and effective aerodynamics.

Aerodynamics Services

Spage Sport supplies aerodynamic services and components of various levels.

Available on our Shop page are universal units such as our popular SP012 wing and Time Attack Splitter. Universal components such as these are developed to be functional no matter what the application.

SP012 Pressure Plot Analysis

Beyond these universal products, we offer customized services spanning from vehicle specific aerodynamic consultation, to full vehicle analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software. All CFD work is developed in conjunction with local motorsport engineering experts, Stim Technologies. In addition to CFD analysis, capabilities extend to being able to develop a computerized model of a vehicle to the specific needs and goals of the client – whether it be maximizing downforce, reducing drag, or simply balancing the aerodynamics. Whichever the case may be, CFD development is always continued until the goals are met or surpassed without compromise.

Acura Integra CFD analysis

Composite Services

Our composite abilities spread from building prototype carbon pieces from 3D printed or CNC molds, to running low volume production projects.

Carbon Ducati Windscreen

Complete composite manufacturing -from product design and building molds, to building finished products. Laminate stacks are typically optimized to carry load in specific directions, minimizing material thickness in neutral load areas and adding in exact load bearing areas.

Pre-Preg layup in Billet Aluminum Mold

Manufacturing methods include Resin Infusion Method, and also the use of Pre-Preg materials.

Products have the option of being finished in a UV Resistant clear coat.

Dry Carbon Layup

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